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Herbal has always been referred to as traditional or folk medicine practice that  use a variety of leaves and/or plant extracts. AVI Herbal are products coming from botanic extracts, with the effect to prevent,  and improve human health. Therefore, herbal medicine products are actually dietary supplements that people take to improve their health. Many herbs have been used for a long time for claimed health.
Herbal is not new to human; it has been used since the beginning of mankind. And, mankind evolution started with the monkeys. The Chimpanzees ate a special type of leaves to eradicate bacteria in stomachs. Other animals include the deers that searched for leaves to be psycho-active. Other animals used mushrooms like penicillin and anti fungal for the purpose of treatment or eradication of external bugs/insects...  Today, it contributes a great deal to the improvement of human health, alongside with modern medicine.   In fact, herbal have been in existence far longer than modern medicines that started to appear as early as the late 17th century.
Since 2004, herbal has been popularly used worldwide, with total expenditure reached almost US$ 23 billion. We can readily see that more and more people have trusted the traditional herbal , and its popularity has expanded beyond Asian boundaries
Scientists have concluded that since herbal comes from plants and other botanic extracts, it is far safer to use, without side effects like medicine modern that comes mostly from chemicals.  They also believe herbal  to be more like complementary therapy, a supplement to modern medicine. It is considered like another option available to patients, an alternative to any medical issue that modern medicine fails to address.
AVI ,We’re manufacturing  in US, all materials and ingredients used in AVI Herbal products have US origin and US technology.

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